What is WordPress

What is WordPress? A Beginner’s Guide!

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What is WordPress? Consider websites that resemble castles. It’s massive, intricate, and frightening to construct, isn’t it? That is, until now! WordPress is your magic wand; it makes building a website seem like a kid’s Lego project instead of a wizard’s spell.

This platform powers more than 40% of the internet, making it the king of website builders. Whoever is interested in technology or not may create an impressive online presence using WordPress, from small blogs to large business websites.

Why WordPress is unbelievable:

Very simple: No nightmares with coding! With only a few clicks, WordPress can grant any wish for your website, much like a helpful genie.

Lots and lots of customization: Give up on formulaic designs! With dozens of themes and plugins to choose from, you can personalize your website to match your fingerprints.

Bendable like Gumby: Create portfolios, stores, blogs, and anything in between. WordPress is a chameleon that changes to suit your requirements.

Goodness of open-source: it’s free! Tinker, modify, and release your inner crazy researcher without shattering the wallet.

Past and present

To know more about WordPress, lets track back to when it started.

A Story of What is WordPress: From Tiny Beginnings to Internet Domination
Previously, websites were strongholds owned by tech titans. Then came WordPress, a straightforward blog-building tool, in 2003.

Due to its popularity, it gained more themes, plugins, and superpowers like a beanstalk. Currently, it powers millions of websites throughout the globe, demonstrating how even basic concepts can have a big impact on the internet.

The Way WordPress Enhances the Web: Think of WordPress like the engine in your automobile. It allows your website to function properly and showcase its features to visitors.

Select the appearance using the theme and functionality using plugins, and you’re done! Your website has been launched and is prepared to rule the digital world.

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Features of WordPress

Not only is WordPress simple to use, but it has an abundance of features that can make your site the talk of the internet.

Themes: Adorn your website with gorgeous attire. Thousands of free and paid themes allow you alter your look with a click.

Plugins: With plugins, you may add a contact form, create a shop on the internet, or even translate the site into Korean.

WordPress is extremely adaptable because of this combination of themes and plugins. Being able to adjust to any demand. Like security and optimization and many other factors of your website.

From a personal blog to a worldwide commercial platform, WordPress makes it the chameleon of website builders.

WordPress against other competitors

What is WordPress and who are the competitors you may ask?

It is the center of attraction, while Drupal and Joomla are like its envious relatives. Here’s the reason:

User-friendliness: WordPress is the gregarious extrovert who embraces newcomers. The smartest introverts for IT whizzes are Drupal and Joomla.

Customization: WordPress allows you to make changes without modifying the code. Drupal and Joomla provide you greater power, but at the cost of complexity.

Security: Your website is protected against virtual dragons by WordPress, which is updated often. Though WordPress goes above and above security-wise, it’s a precaution that’s well-intentioned.

Why WordPress?

Now you have a basic outline about what is WordPress. Let your imagination go wild and create something unique, rather than using an already created design. Any device, from your friend’s sophisticated VR headset to grandma’s flip phone, will look amazing with your website.

Also, Join the sizable WordPress user community that is always willing to lend support, provide advice, and exchange clever tricks.


You may or may not have known what is WordPress or recognized the meaning of the logo. Even though you have heard of it. See it as an empty canvas for yourself, your passion, and your story, not only for websites.

It’s like having a friend in a virtual coffee shop, with a simple UI and endless opportunities. You only need an urge and a click to use WordPress; coding knowledge is not required.

And who knows, maybe instead of scrolling on the internet on your next visit, you’ll be amazed by a website you created that uses WordPress magic.

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