Speed Up WordPress Website

How to Speed Up WordPress Website

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In the modern world, a slow website acts like a snail crossing a busy highway. That is why your site has to be a speedy WordPress website to help your users. It ensures that your users don’t get bored or abandon their browsing mid-way. Before even surfing or knowing your website perfectly.

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There are a few simple steps and tricks that can be used to help you speed up your WordPress website even better!

Let’s see what tips can be used to help you optimize your WordPress website better.

Image optimization

Consider image optimization as a medical diet for your website. By feeding your website small, bite-sized (compressed and resized) pictures, you will help it lose its weight (file size). This will help optimize the WordPress website much better. You are helping it have a healthy diet!

But keep in mind! Image optimization is not just about gaining speed. It also helps you enhance your website’s overall user experience. As all the smaller resized pictures will take less time to load, so, your users will not have to wait to see a blank loading page.

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Code Minification

Imagine a website that opens in a matter of seconds. It has smooth page transitions and quick responses from menu items. This is how code minification works. It precisely reduces extra characters, whitespace, and comments without impairing the readability of your JavaScript and CSS code.

What is the end result? smaller file sizes. This results in much faster user experiences by moving quickly over the internet.

However, code minification has advantages that go beyond performance. It also improves the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website. Minification lowers the quantity of material that search engines must crawl. Which speeds up indexing and raises search engine rankings.

Removing unwanted or unused plugins

A loading wheel appears when you are looking forward to an interesting piece on your most popular website. Imagine how boring that would be for your users. This is because there are multiple deactivated plugins that are fighting for priority while slowing down the system.

You’re basically clearing out the structural components of your website. By getting rid of this digital garbage and freeing up more room to breathe and perform at its best.

Imagine it as a digital facelift where your website comes out looking slick, organized, and prepared to wow users. Pages load quickly, loading times are really low, and your viewers get a satisfying and interesting experience.

Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Website

Unlike the above paragraph, many famous plugins are really able to speed up your website. And it will also help you optimize it even further. Let’s see what those are and how they work!

WP Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, WP Super Cache, Autoptimize, W3 Total Cache, WP Optimize, and LiteSpeed Cache are the ones that help you optimize your website by optimizing your website’s code, minimizing images, and also caching your website content.

On the other hand, the LazyLoad plugin’s name speaks for itself! It also means that the photos on your website will only load when required. This will reduce your loading period.

Similarly, WP Smush helps you optimize your WordPress images by resizing and adjusting your images without compromising the quality of the images.


With the help of these tricks and ideas, you can take your website from a sluggish snail to a speedy WordPress website. You just have to focus on surprising your visitors with the best product and racing your rivals.

Remember that a speed up WordPress website means a growing business, guaranteed.

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