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Web Bricks 1.0.0 – Beta: An Elementor Addons For Modern Websites

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We are extremely happy to announce our latest beta release, and we’re excited to announce that it’s a set of elementor addons that will help you build your website much more easily and effectively.

With WebBricks, you get what we show—there are no hidden or paid features within the beta version.

It’s simple and easy to use, with drag-and-drop simplicity that allows you to plug and play your way to the website you’ve always dreamed of.

In simple words, it is the missing piece that will complete your website-building puzzle. This tool will help you make your website much more aesthetic and lucrative without any hassle.

According to the latest studies conducted by W3Techs and Elementor, 43.2% of all the websites on the internet use WordPress. Which means around 455 million websites are powered by WordPress alone! 

Coming to Elementor, the study shows that 8.8 million active websites use Elementor as a WordPress page builder! In total, 1% of all the websites there are on the internet use both WordPress and Elementor!

Free Version: 

We are announcing our latest release of the free version of our Elementor plugins! Our free version will have more than 15 drag-and-drop plugin widgets that are fully usable without any locked features!

This means you have full control over all of the plugins in the free version! You can use them to design your website with ease! The free version is best for small entrepreneurs and businesses, as they do not need to spend money on getting some small widgets to use on their website. 

Pro Version: 

We are already in the process of making a paid version of the Elementor plugins. These will have many drag-and-drop plugins that look good and are aesthetically pleasing! 

The pro version will have widgets that are both normal and animated, so users can make a website that looks nice without having to code.

Web Bricks wants to make it easy for everyone to make a WordPress website that looks good and works well. All the tools required to create a unique website are included in the pro edition of its Elementor plugins. 

Users will be able to create aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly websites with an abundance of available widgets and animations.

So why waste time?
Sign up, get the beta release now, and start making cool website!

Web Bricks addons:

Web Bricks now has early access to 15 new Elementor addons. These addons are still under development but can be used. They may have bugs, so don’t use them on a live website yet. Please test them and report any bugs you find.

We appreciate your help in improving these addons. To get early access, create an account on Web Bricks and log in to download the extensions for free. 

Now let’s move on to the add-ons!

Hero Section

With Web Bricks’ Hero Section, you can easily create beautiful and engaging hero sections for your WordPress website.

You can use the plugin’s simple drag-and-drop interface to create unique layouts with different text and image parts in separate boxes.

You have full control over every element of it, including the text style, color, size, image, box shape, and size. The plugin also includes customizable color swatches for the button hover and normal states.

About Us

For any business, the About Us section is a fantastic option. It may be easily customized to fit the style of your business. To customize the theme for your business, you will be able to add or delete certain elements.

Additionally, the theme has an integrated counter section that you can use to showcase your website traffic, social media followers, or any other desired metrics.


Making a truly engaging service section might be very easy for you by using this service section. A stylish and polished service section helps your company stand out from the crowd.

It has a carousel of service blocks that can be customized to include a service icon, a service heading, a service description, and a call to action button.

You can add, remove, and rearrange the services to create a carousel that is unique to your company. You can also interact with the slider movement by using the arrow buttons.


By using this widget, you can brilliantly represent your company image through a gorgeous visual of your excellent customers or the company you work for.

It’s simple to use and adapt. You may add the heading, sub-heading, description, and button linked to your desired site. It has an exclusive grid representation for the company logo or product to showcase.

Additionally, you will be able to change the fonts, text, and color to better fit your branding. You may alter the grid to make it exclusive to your company by adding, removing, or rearranging the brand logos.


The counter add-on is very versatile when it comes to Elementor themes. It is fully customizable. You can add your desired icon along with the number.

For example, you can use the counter as your user count, visitor count, subscriber count, and many more.


It’s another beautiful widget to organize your featured articles or posts as per your preference. Blog widgets offer huge flexibility to customize and create your own blog representation.

You can customize the number of posts showcased on site in a grid form. The order pattern and the order by option can be found to set the order of posts. Additionally, you can filter your posts by the post category.

Customizable meta-info is another feature of the blog section, as is the ability to turn on and off the excerpt, category, and date of your blog entries.

And finally, it gives you styling flexibility in your blog section by offering a font, font size, and font color-changing option.  which gives it a more personal yet professional touch.

FAQ section

The FAQ section is pretty self-explanatory. Just drag and drop the FAQ section, and you will see all the options where you can change all the questions according to your needs.

You can add as many new questions as you want. Inside every question is a drop-down box where you can input your answers to your FAQs. Similar to all the previous addons, this is also fully customizable.


The Team addon helps you showcase your team members working with you. The add-on has a place for a picture and also has text spaces for names and their social media links.

You can simply add as many as you want by duplicating or copying the team add-ons. Similarly, this is fully customizable to your needs.

Price Table 

The price table widget is very simple and easy to understand and use. It helps you make business packages with prices included. For example, you can make different packages of services you will be providing from your business that are at different price points.

You can make as many price packages as you want that are all fully customizable, from text to color to design.

Check out the live demo of all the section of Web Bricks

Affiliate Products

The affiliate product addon helps you showcase all your affiliate-marketed products, right on the home page or any page.

It has three different types of column orientation patterns. Which you can use to display your affiliate product. Each product has a place for a product photo and a button that will redirect to the product purchase link.

You can add or remove the product depending on how many products you want to showcase on your website. There is also a button where you can incorporate links to all your affiliate products. Similarly to other widgets, each aspect of this addon is also customizable.


The testimonial addons will surely boost your website’s legibility, as you can use them to portray the opinions of your users. The addon includes a place for the user’s photo, a text placement for his or her opinion, and a place for the user’s name and designation.

It also includes a rating score on the top right corner, which is accurate to the user’s input. You can add as many testimonials as you want, and all the testimonials will circulate in a carousel effect. You can also use the given arrow buttons to move the testimonials as you like. This is also fully customizable.

CTA (Call To Action)

A simplified but highly engaging CTA section that is fully editable with text and a modern-looking button. Just embed your link to your website’s conversion page and let the magic happen. It’s also possible to edit the whole thing as per your liking.

Online Shop

If you are an online business and you need to sell your products online, this section is a must-have for your website! It is very hard to find a fully usable online shop widget in a free version, but we are giving you that!

If your e-commerce is made using WooCommerce, you can directly showcase your product using our online shop widget!

Info Box

Its a simple add-on widget that lets you flash your website’s information to your users. It has custom icons and text styles. You can also edit everything else on it.


The Slider is a basic widget that lets you showcase basically anything you want on it. You can also double down on this section as a hero section. Be creative.

You can add as many slides as you want, which can be changed using the arrow icon buttons. Similar to all the above add-ons, this too is fully customizable.

Be with Web Bricks only for the best

Whether you are willing to create a simple landing page for your website, a simplified e-commerce site, or a full-blown website, the Web Bricks free version has got you covered with the basic must-haves.

The good thing is that Web Bricks is compatible with all major themes in WordPress. So, it doesn’t matter which theme you are using on your site. As long as you are using Elementor, you are good to go.

So stop wasting time and download the beta version and give it a try! And don’t forget to give us feedback! Keep on building with Web Bricks and stay tuned for the soon-to-be-released Pro Version.

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